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Past, Present, Future

From 1950 to 1988, before the first Channel Revolution, business operators didn’t have much of a concept in terms of digital information as related to business.

From 1989 to 2003, the second Channel Revolution marked the proliferation of open-shelf operation, livelier retail venues, and accessible pricing.  Business operators began to manage and operate their businesses using IT facilities en masse.

2003 marked the start of the third Channel Revolution, which was a stress test for businesses and their distinguishing features.  From selling singular products to providing everything a family needs for daily living, the life cycle of various future products are shorter than before.  Products must become more user friendly, and cultural, emotional senses and needs must be better met.  The Daily Life Proposal leads the third Channel Revolution.

What do you need ?

To face the future, you need a hardware manufacturer that can customize over small quantities.

Why EBN Technology ?

We have more than 10 years of OEM/ODM experience, using the most appropriate hardware facilities to lower cost.  We protect the sales privileges of our dealers, quickly react to market changes, and provide the best instruments for your needs, including low quantity customization.

What do you get ?

EBN Technology provides you with highly effective products, immediate online services, and a complete login and enquiry system for resolving hardware issues.

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